Carpentry as Contact Sport (Updated: 2009-05-04)

Yes, I haven’t posted to the blog in a long time. I am worthless and weak. To make up for my short comings, I’m posting a few pictures from my weekend experience in contact carpentry.

How it all began… I have a new previously loved desk that I moved into my office replacing the two press wood banquet tables I’ve been using as a desk since moving into this house. Once getting the desk into the office, which itself was a Trial of Hercules, and after a couple of weeks I decided that the right hand return would make a great work bench space. I started valiantly, measuring the desktop, drew out some plans, compared them to the wood I had left over and purchasing additional supplies.

(Warning, photos below the break.)

dsc00111 dsc00112

dsc00113 dsc00114


I ended running out of light and time on Saturday night, so I packed up all my tools, the partly assembled worktop,  my work tables (AKA old tables used as desk) and threw away all of the garbage.

The next day, I didn’t start until later, I took out the tables, tools, and while taking the piece outside I tripped down the stairs.

dsc00138 dsc00139


Fortunately I didn’t break any of the big plywood boards, unfortunately all of my support members pulled away from the screws.

Needless to say, I was upset. After cleaning up my leg some and having a cold beverage I went back to work and put the pieces together, using wood glue as well as screws to attach the support members to the top and bottom peices. The final results are thus.

dsc00117 dsc00118

dsc00119 dsc00120

So those were my weekend trials and tribulations, in the end I am satisfied with the results. I will look around for some inexpensive pegboard tool pieces and some little parts bins. I’ll post more photos in the continuing saga.


— UPDATE: 2009-05-04 —

After visiting the local Harbor Freight store, I have adjustable LED lighting beneath the shelf, to illuminate the work surface.

Worktop with LED lighting

Worktop with LED lighting


One Response to “Carpentry as Contact Sport (Updated: 2009-05-04)”

  1. “Sometimes scars can be stars,” Kirpal Singh.
    Replacing pressboard is a worthy endeavor.


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