It’s all Music to My Ears

So I was reading Mashable and this article talking about Jamendo came up, and it reminded me, I haven’t been to that site in a while.

Logo for Jamendo

If you’ve never heard of it, Jamendo is an all Creative Commons music site. It’s interesting in that a majority of the artists are European, since Jamendo is based in Luxembourg, and you see how musical trends are different in other countries.

My musical tastes have been in the down tempo, ambient, chill vein for a little while now, and using Jamendo’s search function on artist provided tags, you can get a big list of music. Reading the comments, you can see how other people like or dislike the given artists and pieces, and choose accordingly. One draw back in the comment system, since Jamendo has pages in several languages, are comments not in you native or understandable language, in my case English.

As long as I’ve been a member of Jamendo, social was part of the design. You can follow your favorite artists or members, you can put up playlists for others to listen to and ultimately, you can support the artists with donations processed thru Jamendo. You can also participate on the ubiquitous forum system with other Jamendo users or follow the articles in the wiki about the mechanics of music creation and promotion.

Once you find an artist and/or album you want to try, you can either stream songs, entire albums or download and play them locally. Something relatively new, noted in the Mashable article, Jamendo is working in conjunction with Mininova for BitTorrent tracking and downloads. MP3 files are either direcly downloaded thru Jamendo or via a torrent. I also saw torrents used particularly well on one album that had much larger FLAC encoded tracks also available.

Over all, I really like Jamendo, I can listen to music made by passionate artists, which normally I would have been exposed to, at a price I can afford, using a licensing method that makes me not want to scrub with lye and a steel brush to get the dirty feeling off.


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