I’ve been remiss in reading my engineering and mechanical design stuff lately. I’ve been catching up and posted some of my favor links here for those who are engineering geeks, like myself, to take a look at. I’ll break them down into categories (you can see what I’ve been geeking on).

Vehicle Tech:
A concept that would make Rudolph Diesel proud.

The beginning of many production electric motorcycles.

A very cool hybrid system that originated in larger delivery type trucks, moving to passenger vehicles.

Big automakers are finally getting the idea that expensive petroleum will hurt their businesses and are moving into the electric markets.

Now that hybrid vehicles have proved their viability in the market, time to start tweaking those component systems.

It’s a shame with the use of low sulfur diesel fuel in the US now, the market hasn’t been established for diesel hybrids. They are being made in Europe and Japan but the market in the US seems resistant. Ford has a Reflex concept vehicle, but VW has production cars soon, Golf and Polo, and Peugeot has two prototypes. I for one would rather purchase a diesel hybrid over a gasoline hybrid. Typically diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline and add the possibility of using biodiesel in the future.


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