Opening Salvo

Welcome to my blog. I know I’m a little late to the game, or a lot late to the game depending on who you read, but I figure I’d try my hand at writing the things that knock around in my head including but not limited to computers and technology, electronics, DIY, books, film, games, food, beer, spirits, current events, personalities and whatever else sticks in my brain long enough for me to sit down and write about it.

Word of warning, I’m not a professional writer so I ask for some mercy for any grammar mistakes I may, and most likely will, make. One of my hopes is to improve my writing skills and also push myself to write regularly. I’m also nothing like a web design stud, so the visual appeal will change over time as well.

I hope those people who do stumble upon my little piece of the <buzzword> blogosphere </buzzword> enjoy it, or hate it so vehemently that they spread it all over the tubes how much they rue my very existence.


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